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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar 50 Cent – Get Low Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Hook – Jeremih:]
She said she want a stunner1
I said, ‘Baby girl, I’m gettin’ money’
Drop it down, get low, uh-uh, uh-uh2
Can’t forget the girl if I wanted
While she up and down on that pole
While she up and down on that pole
When she up and down, she got me sayin’
‘Yeah, drop it down and get low3
Drop it down and get low, drop it down and get lirik terjemahan arti indonesia 50 Cent – Get Low Lyrics download mp3 low’
You got me sayin’, ‘Yeah, drop it down and get low
Drop it down and get low, drop it down and get low’

[50 Cent:]
I blew ten, I blew twenty, it’s nothin’ to me, I get money
I eat, sleep and I shit money, I, I, I can’t get this bitch off me4
I’m tossin’ it and she want it, that’s the way we own it
Sound crazy, don’t it? I’m turned up5
Them bottles come when we want ’em
Pass ’em out to my homies, shorty break it down for me6
I done gave her head for that knowledge7
Shorty lap dancin’ all on me, probably give it to me now
Give it to me now, first she got me up, then cord kord chord 50 Cent – Get Low Lyrics kunci gitar she’s goin’ down
Finna climb that, I mean climax8
We ridin’ out, I’m gon’ ride that, triple X flick, we gon’ try that9
She could press record, don’t rewind that


[2 Chainz:]
My hair longer than hers, bitch, life ain’t fair
I’m gettin’ paid off ad-libs, all I got to do is say, “yeah”
Ridin’ around in that foreign,10 all your stories sound distorted11
Got so many Cuban links with me, my chain could get deported12
At the bar takin’ shots, seek her out, you need reloader
If you even took a bitch from me, I come back chords 50 Cent – Get Low Lyrics lyrics to repo her13
Dirty Sprite, I’ll repour it, smellin’ like a car dealership
And I don’t think it’s gon’ work out
So, bitch, you need a membership


[50 Cent:]
Olay, olay, olay, olay
Look at ’64s, out everyday, olay, olay

Let a nigga let you know how much you care about a bitch
I’m ’bout as cold as it get
Only thing you get is a whole lot of dick14
Shout to Collipark when it’s sold by the brick, nigga, hold up15
Sittin’ on the stage with the rats out though16
Got some grip with me, turn to the max, I don’t go
But we with the shit, you bitch try me we shootin’17
And shootin’ ’til the gun don’t blast no more18
Back it up to me19
Grind on me like you’re tryin’ make love to me
And go and bring the baddest girl in the club to me20
That’ll make you the baddest girl in the world to me
For real, huh, and I’m still ridin’ one hand on the wheel
The other one touchin’ the girl while she kissin’ the other one21
Makin’ her face her like she finna bust her one22



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