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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Apollo Brown – Walk With Me Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Life is too short after the song grow old
(Oh yes it is, You may be here today and gone tomorrow)

[Intro: Vinnie Paz]
Apollo, what up man? How you living? Blac what up? Nahwmean? It’s hard out here, you nahmean? Love is love though. Yeah. Hahaha. You nahmean? Love is love though, love is love though
Listen, yeah

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Loving you is hard for me
Wear it like a scar on me
Ripping someone’s heart out, they chest like larceny
How chords Apollo Brown – Walk With Me Lyrics lyrics I’m suppose to hate anybody that share a part of me?
But you don’t know how to act right when we’re arguing
You can’t even have a discussion without bartering
Everything becoming a reason for you to torture me
How you twist the words around and flip it back on to me?
I ain’t gon’ hold you ma, that’s a form of artistry
Most these motherfuckers fall victim to the sorcery
But dealing with you on any level become a chore for me
You can take it however you want it, it’s an offering
I just need to wash all of this bullshit off of me
I don’t need to have all of this shit dumped onto me
Talking to me as you saying you don’t want to talk to me
You can stand still ma, you can try to walk with me
Either way I’ma be the person I was born to be

[Hook: Vinnie Paz]
(Here today)
You should walk with me, you should walk with me
(Here today)
Yo Blac, you should walk with me
Apollo Brown- you should walk with me
(Here today)
Haha, yeah
Cause loving you is hard for me
C’mon loving you is hard for me

[Verse 2: Blacastan]
(Uh, study)
I know you don’t love but you say you do
I’m trying to figure out what we holdin’ on to
The shit’s real and it’s only getting rougher
It pains me to think of you with other brothers
But you cursed me for my infatuation with the arts
You say the best remedy could only be time apart
But is this payback allegedly for me neglecting you?
You pleasurably, take delight in seeing me pain
A love lost could it ever be regained?
You got me, I’m caught up in this web of your fucked up games
You lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Apollo Brown – Walk With Me Lyrics download mp3 said shit like you puttin’ yourself first
You gotta love you and that you searching for your self worth
But all that self talk is you being selfish
You claiming that you selfless
You put my heart upon the shelf, bitch
And cord kord chord Apollo Brown – Walk With Me Lyrics kunci gitar for that I won’t stick around
A dick around will let you play me as fucking clown!



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