Rabu, 13 April 2016

[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar LE1F – Lisa Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan


How you gon’ hit this shit like four, five, six times and ain’t even pass it like, aye
You ain’t got none of my shit
Fuck you think this is?
This a puff chords LE1F – Lisa Lyrics lyrics puff pass rotation
Must’ve hit that re-up like

[Verse 1]
Is she asking why I did it
Where I did it
Who I did it for the pizza
I did it for the crew
I did it for my dudes and senoritas
I called up my nigga and told him to come through
And deliver my pizza
I don’t need no frills, no toppings
Just give me that heater
I’m ’bout to pop the Ciroc out the freezer like
We be taking heavy sips
Damn, Jay said he would be here by six
I got a scale in the whip so I don’t get tricked
Come on, Jay
You can’t fool me with that shit

The ball is in your court now
But the court is my hometown
I’m ready for the showdown
You thought you could read
But I’m Lisa
(Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, lirik terjemahan arti indonesia LE1F – Lisa Lyrics download mp3 Lisa)
I’m Mona Lisa
(Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa)

[Verse 2]
I stay reading these niggas
These niggas can’t read
Like they don’t see me
My shade be like
Turn down the A.C
But it’s me, I’m the tea
Hella breezy
What you talkin’ is cheesy
So I’m cheesin’ thinking ’bout how I’m cheaky
Sittin’ back on how many hits you gon’ take
Until you pass back when I’m keefin’
But you don’t got five on the spliff
You wan’t a lift to the club to get in on my list
But it’s all good, it’s ten on the list
Not even my show, but it’s ten on the list
Your man talk shit? He ain’t on my list
I’m smokin’ a hookah with Jasmine and Roger
You talkin’ that blah-blah
And we laughing at you
Hakuna Matata
Walk in my shoes and you might pave a lane
I’m feeling as cute as the day that I came
Pop the Moet
Real friends get champagne
But I can’t share with no lames
Good day, nigga
I brought the team on my back
And he cord kord chord LE1F – Lisa Lyrics kunci gitar ain’t on the roster
You might win some
But you just lost a sponsor
These kids are my fosters


Homey, you can die from a side-eye
You ain’t shady as me, nah
Check out the wingspan
I’m way too fly
Homie, you can die from a side-eye
You ain’t shady as me, nah
(Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa)


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